First off, what the heck is Admin Day? I mentioned it in my planner blog post, but didn’t go that much into detail about it. When you work from home, especially in a creative field, there are a lot of administrative tasks that you may forget to find time to do. Or else they just aren’t fun so you keep pushing them back and back until it’s too late. These are things you maybe should do as you go, but let’s face it, life is messy and you can’t always be that organized. You can hire a VA for a lot of those tasks, but some of them really need your eyes as the head of your business. Admin Day is one day every month where you don’t do anything else but complete those tasks.

Let’s take a look at some of those tasks and why they are important for you to perform once a month.

Organize Your Files to Improve Workflow

I save a lot of files to my computer…. contracts, proposals, images for social media, screenshots, or design inspirations. When I’m in a rush or in the zone, I usually just save to my Desktop or Documents Folder and move on. I don’t take the time to send them into the very specific and labeled folder they should go in. And I almost never name them properly. It’s a really bad habit and super hard to kick.

On Admin Day, I go in and organize the heck out of my files. I create nested folders and name all my files so they are much easier for find later. I also take this time to empty my trash can and uninstall any programs I installed and never used. This cleans up space on my hard drive and helps the performance of my machine.

Maintain Your Inbox to Stay Organized

No matter how hard I try, I constantly end up with spam in my inbox and cannot find the emails I need. On Admin Day, I go in and unsubscribe from things I don’t want. (I get a lot of emails from marketers after opting in to download a checklist or workbook) I also get lots of marketing emails from whatever programs or tools I signed up for that month. While I try really hard to sort my important emails into folders, I take this time to make sure no one fell through the cracks. Having a clean inbox makes your day to day life so much easier. Plus, important emails don’t get accidentally deleted or never responded to, which can mean the difference between making a sale and losing one.

Budgeting and Track Your Money to Grow

I used to use Admin Day for going through my bank account transactions and making note of everything in my big Budget Google Sheet. But now, I’ve been using Wave which tracks all my transactions for me. However, it doesn’t know if that $20 I spent at Walmart was for personal or business purposes. On Admin Day, I go through my transactions and categorize everything. Then I pull a report to see how I’ve been spending my money. This helps me see where I should cut back or spend more and prioritize for the next month. If I’m not on track for one of my savings goals, I can tweak things then and there.

Create Reports to Constantly Improve

We trudge ahead every day and rarely find time to look back. I learned early in my career that compiling reports on the successes and failures of your efforts is important for growth. So once a month on Admin Day, I create the reports for my social media, advertising, website SEO, and email marketing. This helps me to see what is working and what I need to improve upon in the upcoming month. My Admin Day is the 1st day of every month. So I make sure to schedule my social media, blog posts and email campaigns in that next week. I refer to my reports to see things like what day of the week is best for posting on Facebook vs. Instagram and which of my A/B email tests did best.

Physically Clean Your Computer to Protect Your Investment

I have a fairly old laptop and won’t be able to afford a new one for a while. It’s important to me that this laptop stays functional and healthy. So on Admin Day, I literally clean the entire thing. I turn it off and wipe it down with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. I get a cotton swab and clean in between the keys and inside the ports. I do the same thing for my cell phone, too. I used to never do this and my laptop and phone were SO gross.

Read Pinterest Articles to Learn New Things

Whenever I’m on Pinterest, I tend to pin interesting looking things and then never actually revisit them. On Admin Day, I read all the articles I pinned and make notes from the ones I can actually use. For instance, this past month I started a Giveaway. Last Admin Day, I read some articles about how to and how not to run a Giveaway. The info I got from those pins really helped make my Giveaway better. No matter how long you’ve been in business, you never stop learning. Keep teaching yourself new things!

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