Why Do You Need a Planner?

No matter what your goals are, you need a planner. Blogger, student, small business owner, CEO… having a planner allows you to outline your goals and document the steps you need to reach them. They all you to look back at your process and spot your weakest points of productivity.

I use my planner as a visualization for my entire business. Not only do I use it for simple things like recording due dates and events, but it gives me a place to:

  • document new things I want to try
  • skills I want to learn
  • record every task big or small
  • manage my time wisely
  • visualize long and short term goals

There are tons of different types of planners out there, some designed for creatives, some for people who are more tech-minded, some that are minimalistic, some that are colorful and fun. It takes a little exploring to find one that is perfect for you.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a new planner designed by a friend of mine. It’s called the ProtoPreneur Planner and it has pretty much everything you could need in a planner and more. After over a month of using it, I’m reminded of why I need and love to have a planner by my side at every moment.

Why I Love the ProtoPrenuer Planner


The ProtoPreneur Planner has an amazing variety of page layout types that allow you to track things you didn’t even know you needed to track. It starts off with some huge empty pages for visualizations. Then, it drills out and asks you to envision the rest of your year. There are sections for intentions, focuses, challenges, goals, habits.

The planner also has sections to describe yourself and your story, as well as outlining the details of the kinds of people you want to work with. I love these sections because we tend to have a vague idea of who we are and who we want to work with, but being forced to record this information in a concise way helps refine these ideas.

I love the marketing and content planner; I’ve been searching for something like this for ages. I’m a visual worker and being able to see all my social media efforts outlined so neatly has been extremely helpful.

Focusing on financials and numbers is one of my weakest points. I hate thinking about money, but any business owner knows it’s a must. Therefore one of my favorite sections in the ProtoPreneur Planner allows you to outline things like your goals for your income day to day, as well as monthly income goals broken down.

But the meat of the planner are the weekly breakdowns. Each week as two full pages dedicated to it.

Page 1:

  • To Do list – I love a simple to do list! Every week has a simple section for keeping track of tasks to be done.
  • Project checklists – Each week also has squares to keep track of larger projects that need to be completed.
  • Weekly focus – Outline your weekly focus here too; it would be a mindset or goal.
  • Habit tracker – Set personal or business habits you want to be better about keeping up with.
  • Bills due – I like using this section for both business and personal bills to pay, although you could reserve it for one or the other.
  • Follow up – This is a lifesaver. We let go of so much potential business by forgetting to follow up!

Page 2:

  • Good old scheduler – Every day has a section for gratitude, focus, and “Today I Am”. I love how introspective this planner encourages you to be. Below this section is an area to keep your schedule for each day of the week, broken down into AM, Noon, and PM. And then at the bottom, track the highlights of your day.

As you can see, there is almost no end to the features, sections, and prompts provided by this planner.


Given the amount of versatility, it took me no time at all to dive in. Each page had a way to help me get organized and stay that way. The sections are laid out in a way that is intuitive and fun to use. A good planner is more like a mind-mapping book, where you can basically empty your brain out and make more space for work!

Personal Sections

This isn’t just a business planner. There are tons of sections for personal habits, personal tracking, and personal goals. Business owners sometimes forget that the personal parts of their lives are important for balancing. Maintaining a healthy hold on that part of your life helps you to be a better business owner.


While function is much more important, I love the overall look of this planner. The cover is soft leather with a big fat colorful stripe. I picked pink because its the main color in my scheme. It also has pockets for cards and a pen holder so you never loose another pen!

The Community

ProtoPreneur is not just a planner but community. You can sign up here  receive ProtoPreneur Success mail and get access to the private Facebook Group for ProtoPreneurs that are already building their empire and getting sh** done! You can join the community through the group, get free resources, get a GSD Coaching from Yvonne herself, or see her at a speaking event. The community is meant to help you follow your dream and succeed as pursuing your passions

How I Would Improve the ProtoPreneur Planner


It wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t mention the few things that I missed or wasn’t crazy about in regards to this planner.

This planner really does have it all. While all the options, sections, and features were amazing to interact with, I did find it to be overwhelming at first. This planner is jam-packed full of sections to fill out. I’m visual, but I also like things to be minimalistic and simple.

I think this planner would be better if it was purely the scheduling pages. The other things – the other trackers and outlines might work well as a smaller booklet that could be slipped into a pocket inside the cover.

Also because there is so much to do in this planner, the sections for writing are very small and crowded together. Having fewer sections may make the book easier to write in overall. Once you fill in all the sections, the page tends to look super cluttered.


While I love the bright strip of color on the cover, the inside has zero color. Every page is all in black and white. I love color, both for my mood and for establishing hierarchy within a design. The gray squares are very drab and don’t make me feel as powerful and amazing as I would have hoped. The planner does it’s job without the color, but I think it could be a great new feature for future versions of this planner.

 Learn more about the ProtoPreneur Planner With the Overview!


How to Get a ProtoPreneur Planner

It’s really simple, and there are quite a few ways to save. You can get 10% off  this planner using “ProtoPreneurAllie” at checkout! If you want to order multiple planners, you can contact Yvonne to get a rebate.

The ProtoPreneur Planner At a Glance

Name: ProtoPreneur Planner

Distributer: Ask Yivi

On Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

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Price: $39 + shipping but get 10% off using: ProtoPreneurAllie at checkout!

Pros: Versatile, organized, both oriented toward business and personal goals, adorable, and community driven.

Cons: Over-crowded and not as pretty as other planners.

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