Do show your accomplishments

It’s great to talk about yourself on your site. It’s great to show what you’ve done in the past, awards you’ve won, appearances you’ve make, and clients you’ve worked with. This shows that you’re accomplished. We all want to feel like we’re working with the best possible person in their field!

Don’t show off

It’s possible to focus too much on yourself, especially if you have a service based business. Remember that people come to your site because they believe you have something or can do something that serves them. If they feel like you’re too focused on you and not focused enough on their needs, it may turn them off. It’s best to reserve talking about yourself to an About or Accomplishments page.


Do use color

Color allows for us to communicate ideas visually, make things stand out, and draws focus. A single color can influence the entire mood of your site. This is powerful, as it can make your small business website visitors adopt the feelings and tones you want them to have.

Don’t use color arbitrarily

When you use color, think about how those colors can serve you. Not just for establishing tone, but consider color psychology. For example, we all know that green means go and red means stop. If you have buttons on your site directing someone to start a process, green may be a stronger choice for that color than red.


Do have a good logo

Having a logo can be essential to establishing a brand identity. Think of all the big companies you know and love, like Nike or McDonalds. When you think of them, usually their logo is the first thing that pops into your mind’s eye. By having a strong logo that you can use to brand your messages and visuals, you are creating brand identity.

Don’t let your logo overpower your site

Your logo is important, but it is not the most important thing on your small business website. Many people allow their logos to take over their navigation menu, making it enormous so that it’s eye catching. But this detracts from the more important things like your links, your writing, your messages, your products, and your services.



Do keep them wanting more

Being concise with your language on your site can be powerful. The average person will skim a site they come to. Long paragraphs of information on sales pages will almost never be read. Allow people to feel like they would love to get more details from you.

Don’t be confusing

While you want to exclude too many details, you don’t want people to be confused. Make sure to have enough information that your visitors are certain they understand who you are, what you do, and how what you do can benefit them.


Do sell

If you have a small business website that needs to be a selling tool, don’t be afraid of that! Marketing sites are a great way to drive sales and if your small business is purely online, it’s your only way! Make strong choices that allow people to easily understand what you’re selling, why they should buy, and how they should buy.

Don’t be salesy

There’s a difference between embracing your marketing potential and being annoying. You want to focus on opening a door for buyers to easily walk through. You don’t want to back them into a corner or pull them through the door if they don’t want to. Use welcoming language that doesn’t have too much urgency. Use visuals that help support your message, but that aren’t annoying or harsh. Think about how you personally would like to be marketed to.



Are there any other do’s or don’t you suggest for small business websites? Leave them in the comments!


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