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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a project take?
That depends entirely on how big the project is, how many elements there are, how long it takes to receive content, and how long it takes to receive feedback.

How much do you charge?
For website design projects, I charge per activity. Fill out the Request a Quote form so I can build you a custom quote. My hourly rate for smaller projects is $50/hr. My maintenance package is $30 per month or $300 for a year. My hosting and maintenance package is $50 per month or $500 for a year.

Will you build my site with Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace?
Nope! I only work with WordPress. No exceptions. If you have a question about your Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace site, schedule a free consultation and I will help point you in the right direction.

Do you provide discounts for non-profits?
No, but I actually own a sister-company called BEAM which allows me to create full websites at a discounted cost for non-profit organizations. Go to for more information.

Do you provide SEO services?
Yes and no. All my sites come with basic SEO on-hand, meaning titles, descriptions and ALT tags. I do not work with you to build an SEO strategy. If you need help with SEO, I can refer you to someone or we can get on a consultation call and I can give you some basic information to help you get started with your SEO goals.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Any project $500-$999 is split into 2 payments. Any project $1,000-$1,999 is split into 3 payments. Any project $2,000 or more is split into 4 payments.

Will you build custom functionality, plugins, or apps?
I can subcontract work out to a specialist if your site needs custom CSS, PHP, or Javascript. I do not build plugins, but I can refer you to someone who does. I do not build or design apps at all.

Do you design logos?
Yes! I can give you a quote for a logo package upon request. Please send me an email to