I was one of the lucky few to get to beta-test the Bosscation Workbook. And when I say lucky, I mean lucky. Lauren Black and I connected about it right at the time when I was preparing to launch a new endeavor. I needed guidance; I was desperate for a resource that would help me plan out my business thoroughly and in a detailed fashion. And along came the Bosscation Workbook!

The version of the workbook I got was for planning  out an offer or event, like a webinar. So due to the conflicting nature of what I was doing and what the workbook actually teaches, some sections didn’t fit well. I also received an early beta version of the workbook, so not all the sections had been completely fleshed out. But beta or not, Lauren did an amazing job covering all that goes into planning any branded business venture.

I’m going to take you through the workbook, section by section, and go over what I thought was helpful and what I didn’t. I know for a fact that Lauren has improved on the book due to some of my feedback. For sections 4 and 5 in particular, I haven’t given suggestions on what to change because these sections were partially incomplete or not all-the-way fleshed out when I received my version. But after speaking to Lauren, I know that she’s given these sections a total makeover so I envy you for getting a perfected version of this amazing resource!


I used a printed PDF of the “Launch Your Signature Service” workbook.
I am reviewing the workbook itself, not the box and all its goodies.


Bosscation Workbook Section 1: Your Unique Offer

In my version for the book, at the beginning of every section there as a brain-dump section for brainstorming and jotting down free-form ideas, which I filled to the brim. These sections have since been removed. 

I found this Your Unique Offer area in general extremely helpful. This is the section that asked me for my broader ideas about what my company means. Things like:

  • My mission statement
  • My target market and why they need it
  • The black and white facts of what I’m offering and to whom and how often
  • Who my competition is and how I can be better then them.

It helped me prioritize my one non-negotiable service, whereas before I had a ton of things I wanted to offer all at once. But the workbook forced to me say “This is what I offer and it has to be strong so that it can influence all the supporting services.” Since then, I’ve actually found it easier to maintain focus on that as I push the business forward. I’ve been able to prevent my ideas and attention from straying too much to all the shiny extras and add-ons.

A whole page focused on my competition. Which actually, literally gave me more confidence after I filled it out. The main brand that serves as my competition has been giving me anxiety since I first decided to start this business. But in outlining their benefits, their downsides, and the reason people choose it, I realized my idea is pretty much objectively better. 

There was a part that allowed me to fill out a value ladder. It maps out your offers, examples, and the price. This section was sort of lost on me, although I think I could have made better use of it if I had more control over it and could have inserted my own steps to the ladder.



Bosscation Workbook Section 2: Narrow Your Niche

My business came about due to a very specific problem. My niche and my target market is already fairly narrow. But believe it or not, this section actually did help me get more granular about who I wanted to talk to. My favorite part, right up front, was the chart that asked me to map out my client profiles (I had 2). It asked me for their pain points, pros/attractions, and cons/objections. I was able to map out how to approach the two different types of people I believe will want to interact with my business.

In my version of the book, the next page contained a space for a client profile. It was set up like an interview form. I didn’t fill it out because it was geared toward  people who own their own business (great, if that’s who you’re dealing with!) However, I bookmarked it to use to interview my ideal clients and learn more about them. That is one of the things I love about this workbook; there were parts I couldn’t use for their intended purpose, but were still valuable to me.

Since my use, Lauren has edited this section and replaced this section with questions that made the section more relevant for any business. So you can be sure to find this section and know that it will fit you and your ideal clients. 

There were a few sections here that were repetitive. I personally don’t benefit for re-stating or re-wording something I’ve already stated, but I feel like it can really help some people who need help clarifying and refining their ideas. I did also have to keep in mind that I was not the target market for this version of the workbook.


Bosscation Workbook Section 3: Craft Your Offer

This part was a tad bit complicated, as I was launching a full businesses, not just an offer. But thinking of my business like an offer actually came in handy. In a lot of ways, you can approach them both the same way. I was able to determine some details for my marketing plan. I pinned down what content I wanted to share and how I wanted to share it.

This section was perhaps my least favorite altogether. There were some questions that I didn’t understand or didn’t know how to answer, like What type of accountability do [your clients] need? 

There were many pages focused on crafting an order, like workshops, courses, masterminds, coaching, membership sites, etc. I ended up skipping all these sections, purely because they aren’t for me. But given that you’ll be using this version of the workbook if you’re crafting these kinds of offers, you can except some really juicy and helpful questions here.

Bosscation Workbook Section 4: Marketing & Sales

Because I’m a marketing-minded person already, I already had a firm grasp on a lot of the concepts from this section. But the questions allowed me to simplify, minify and organize those concepts. Someone who is new to marketing, who needs help making decisions, or who struggles with content planning can definitely benefit from this section. I particularly loved the section that asked me to write down questions my audience keeps asking. It’s helped me come up with pre-launch content to answer those questions.

I loved the pre-kick off questions as well. This is the phase I’m in now and it’s helped a lot to keep me focused and on track. Target content creation is always hard for me to do, not because I don’t have ideas, but it’s hard for me to only use the best ones.

The content plan creator in this section is still blank in my book, but I cannot wait to return to it when I’m developing a content strategy. It allows you to outline each topic, where it will be published, content upgrades, etc. It’s a must-have for anyone creating content and brilliantly designed by Lauren. 


Bosscation Workbook Section 5: Planning, Pricing & Packaging

Because I’m in the pre-launch stage,  a lot of information in this section will come from the research I’m currently doing. But that didn’t stop this section from being immensely helpful.

I loved the checklist charts available in this section. Throughout the whole workbook, I was hoping for a checklist format where I could make a list of all the tasks that I’ve decided to perform via the other section. With these checklists, I can view all the tasks in one place to get a better idea of the work I had to do. Some of the tasks and hires are for further on down the road, but I love that they are all in love place.

I wasn’t able to crunch all the numbers that were being asked of me, simply because I’m not in a place yet to compile all of that information. But I definitely intend on using it in the future when I’m finalizing my budget for my crowd-funding campaign.




Overall, I give my version of the Bosscation workbook 4 out of 5 stars.

Given the fact that what I had was a beta version and incomplete in a few sections, you can expect the revised version to get a perfect score. It is an insanely helpful resource if you have the right business for it. There were flaws and areas that I just passed right over. But it so valuable to me and I continuously find myself referencing the notes I made in it. I recommend it to anyone who needs help developing a new part of their business.

If you’d like to test this workbook for yourself, Lauren is still looking for beta testers! You can apply to test the “Launch Your Signature Offer” Strategy Guide like I did by clicking here!