Believe it or not, Instagram is a great platform for freelancers/service-based business owners to use to attract and attain clients. Instagram lends itself well to community building, and the platform has so many features that you can take advantage of to nurture your audience (whether it’s posting to the grid, creating stories, or going live). However, if you want to turn your followers into paying clients, you’ve got to approach Instagram strategically. In this post, I’ll share how three components of your Instagram profile (your bio, your hashtag strategy, and your content) can be optimized to convert your Instagram followers into clients.

It All Starts With Your Bio

The importance of your bio cannot be overemphasized, especially if you want to ensure that the people who follow your account are actually qualified leads for the service that you offer. Your bio should be crystal clear so that new potential clients who find your account know exactly who you are, who you serve, what you offer, and how you can help.

As you can see, Kaylan’s bio is extremely clear because she answers all of the critical questions. Who is she? A strategist and coach. What does she offer? Business and Content Strategy (Quick tip: Consider listing what you offer as your “name” on Instagram, just as Kaylan does in this example. Whenever someone searches for the service that you provide, your account will result in the search because you’ve optimized your name as a keyword). How does she help? She will turn your present confusion into an actual strategy. Who does she serve? Entrepreneurs of faith.

When a potential client finds you on Instagram, you don’t want them to have any sort of confusion around who you serve and what you offer. This truly is the first step to ensuring that your followers are people who are actually interested in your services. The more specific your bio is, the better you can filter out followers who are not a good fit for you or would not be looking to hire you either now or in the near future. And, if you want more pointers on how to craft the perfect bio, check out this super-detailed post from Later.

Optimize Your Hashtags for Optimal Conversions

Once you’ve got your amazing bio in place, you need to attract qualified leads/potential clients to your account so that they will follow you and later convert into paying clients. That’s where hashtags enter the equation. I get it. Hashtags are the bane of your Instagram existence. However, your ability to attract your target audience to your profile is dependent upon the quality of hashtags you use.

Hashtags can be complicated, but, there are three simple rules to follow in order to find high-quality hashtags for your brand:

Use hashtags that describe your audience, not you.

For example, if you were a bookkeeper for women with online businesses, using the hashtag #bookkeeper will only attract your competition – other bookkeepers. Instead, use the hashtags that identify who you’re trying to serve: #womeninbusiness, #savvybusinessowners, etc.

Stick to hashtags that have been used between 10,000-500,000 lifetime posts (this is a sweet spot so you aren’t resorting to hashtags that are too big or too small).

Use thirty hashtags with each post. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post on IG, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use all 30 if you’re looking to maximize your visibility.

Follow the above tips, and you’ll attract the right followers to your account every single time. Having a clear bio and a smart hashtag strategy makes up half the battle of converting Instagram followers into clients, because if you aren’t attracting the right people to your account, they aren’t going to convert by default. More importantly than trying to grow a large following, you want to grow a targeted following of potential clients.

Once You’ve Got the Right People, You Need the Right Content

Now, how do you get those potential clients to actually sign on with you? That’s accomplished through your content, or what you’re actually sharing on Instagram. Your profile could be completely optimized, but if all you’re doing is sharing inspiration and #fridayintroductions, then you’re wasting your efforts.

When you’re contemplating what to post on your grid, to your stories, and/or what to discuss live, think about what your audience needs to know or understand before working with you. How can you expose their blind spots/raise awareness, agitate their problems, present your offer as the solution, etc? How can you communicate to your audience that your service will provide the future outcome/result they’ve been waiting for? When you consider questions like these, it becomes so much easier to stop posting just for the sake of posting and instead craft content that aims to convert Instagram followers into clients.

Creating content on Instagram is even easier if you already have other systems in place for building trust with your audience in your business. For example, if you are actively building your email list, and you’ve got opt-ins that lead to nurture or sales sequences, you’ll want to promote those opt-ins to your Instagram audience, too.

Don’t have an email list yet? You can do the same thing with your blog. Look at your analytics to see which posts are gaining the most traction/shares/comments, and direct your Instagram audience to those posts (what that data means is that these are the posts that are building trust with your audience).

The key point is that converting your followers into clients is a process. Very rarely will potential clients find your profile and be ready to buy the same day (although that’s not impossible). The content that you decide to share on Instagram should be carefully chosen with the intent to nurture your audience and make the case for why they should hire you, not merely to inspire your audience.

Instagram is truly an amazing platform for business, but it takes effort to attract your dream clients. One step at a time, as you refine your bio, hashtag strategy, and content, those dream clients will get closer to signing on with you.


Kleneice is the co-founder of Humble & Whole, a digital marketing agency that helps female entrepreneurs build online communities that are both meaningful and profitable. Apart from infusing heart and soul into marketing, Kleneice is equally passionate about Mexican food, dark roast coffee, and Jesus. She is on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to share their voice and offerings confidently so that they can make a greater impact and create more income. Follow along with Kleneice and her work at Humble & Whole on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.