Mary Purdy

The site was originally built with Jupiter theme, but in 2018, was rebuilt using Divi in order to make the design more responsive and smoother overall.

Mary Purdy needed an all-in-one hub for her nutrition show podcast, YouTube channel, book, blog, and podcast channel. With so much going on with her brand, it was a challenge to unify all her endeavors without the site becoming cluttered and confusing. Her quirky and entertaining personality needed to shine through with the colors, full-width images, and overall friendly tone.

We used the color palette she had already established and full-width images to make her brand and her multitude of links pop off the page.

Engel Construction, Inc.

Engel is a specialized healthcare contractor, building healthcare, commercial and industrial spaces. They have a very specific service and very specific audience to whom we needed to appeal.

The site needed to provide as much information as possible about the company while being clear, concise, and branded. I designed the logo as well to be strong, masculine, but also refined and professional. Without a ton of photos of the sites themselves, we needed to establish Engel as a leader in the industry, providing top-of-the-line results.

I kept the overall structure extremely simple but embellished each sinner page with a unique CTA section at the bottom.

Savannah Gift Box

Through her site, Jodi of Savannah Gift Box sells edible treats, souvenirs and gift boxes; every item they sell is from and encapsulates the spirit of Savannah, Georgia.

While there are fewer than 20 items being sold on the site, they all required different settings and features. Some needed to be sold at a low price with a minimum number per order to create bulk orders. Some are sold with variations in size and included components., And some needed to be built in such a way that the user can select a certain number of individual products from a list to add to a box and create a package.

Setting up the unique functions and limitations for each type of product was the biggest challenge of building this site. 

Mental Break Mobile

For Mental Break Mobile, we needed to communicate all the information necessary to sell visits to this mobile escape room. I wanted to make the site itself feel like a maze, so there are arrows that point the reader toward the next bit of information.

The site features a moving background on the Room page and a full booking calendar on the Price and Booking page. This booking calendar was the most challenging part of the site. We needed to be able to show times that were already taken, times that had been requested/pending, as well as times that were still available. This was the first project I worked on where a functionality like this was needed.

She Thinks Big Podcast

When preparing to start her new podcast, Geraldine Carter approached me to create a website hub for the show. It needed to be able to provide SEO power and connective power. The color scheme and logo had already been designed; we needed to design cohesively around these elements.

The site balances multiple points of contact with the simplicity and clarity of the colors to provide a design that isn’t overwhelming but feels rich. Each episode has a post with an embedded version of the episode as well as subscribe links.

Lotus Interior Design

Betsy at Lotus Interior Design approached me for a website to showcase their work and services. Their previous site was outdated and didn’t reflect the attitude or level of professionalism that Betsy wanted.  The main focuses were writing better copy and determining a look and feel that would communicate professionalism, high-end service, and the one-on-one relationship between Betsy and her clients.

We used her rich and colorful portfolio photos and an idea of their ideal client to build a site that was elegant and high-end, but still warm and approachable. I also re-wrote all the copy on the site to be more succinct and specific, while also being friendly and welcoming.

It was important to let the photos speak for themselves and drive the design, while the copy serves to answer the most commonly asked question Lotus gets from potential clients.

Henry Walter Services

This site was a challenge for me because it had to be extremely simple, extremely professional, and lean heavily toward content rather than feeling. The client did not want her personality to shine through, but rather focus on the level of high-quality service she was trying to provide. At the same time, the site couldn’t be too boring or too old-fashioned.

The site serves the purpose in providing information about her law-based services without selling her as a brand, the way a lot of other service-based businesses do. Because someone visiting this site would be looking for specific and important results, we needed to communicate that first and foremost.

Pinnacle Star Foundation

The Pinnacle Star Foundation approached me for a website to serve their non-profit organization. They had no online presence at all at the start of the project, but wanted to build one in order to grow their organization.

The first step was developing a logo and brand identity around which we could build the site. We took the style of old-school fraternity logos and modernized it to create a visual personality that both honored the fraternity-style community, while also appealing to more modern tastes.

The site is only one page and eliminates a typical navigation menu for large, visual buttons that allow the user to view different sections of the page. The essential information is displayed clearly and leaves the site open to potential growth over time. While the site is small now, we built the site knowing that down the road, more pages and functionalities – like accepting donations – would be added.

Exposed Makeup Artistry

Karin of Exposed Makeup Artistry needed a simple and elegant portfolio site to display to agents, managers, and potential clients. Her work ranges from weddings to major modeling campaigns, so the site needed to be a sleek and modern place to display the range of her previous work. Most importantly, it needed to be able to scale seamlessly to mobile devices.

The photos were the top priority. She had a ton of high-quality photographs of her beautiful work and they needed to take center stage. Displaying them and being able to navigate through them in a seamless way was the main focus of the project from beginning to end.

Mobile views of the homepage slider, inner galleries and video galleries needed to load quickly and be easy to quickly scroll through casually without hunting for specific types of photos.

Alder Street Studio

Marla of Alder Street Studio needed a simple and fresh business site to advertise her toxin-free hair salon. She did not have a site prior to this. With this new website, she wanted to begin to build her online presence and pop up in searches when people turned to Google to find a hair salon in her area.

Her all-organic, toxin-free salon is unique, as well as her policy of only having one client in the salon at a time. The site needed to reflect the holistic goals at the center of the business, as well as her warm and unique approach to customer service.

The site is very simple, yet colorful and features fun, subtle animations and shapes that make the site fun to use in addition to being informative.