Always mothers luncheon

A Dallas/fort-worth non-profit providing seminars to assist with everyday concerns such as emotional health, employment transition, career coaching, family planning and more.

Website Design and Build

I’ve been working with Always Mothers Luncheon for years on their annual fundraising luncheon. Their site was one of the most challenging I’ve ever built and I still come back to tweak and improve on it from time to time.

The organization provides support and resources for mothers. The site needed to be feminine and female-forward. It’s been a challenge to bring that forward without tipping over into daintiness or girlishness. The founder has a strong idea of what the organization needs to accomplish and we have been working closely to let the site grow and evolve with the brand.

The site needs to do a lot of different things, such as share information about the luncheon, sell tickets, accept donations, and recruit new sponsors and volunteers. One of the largest challenges is keeping the content focused, clear, and compelling as things within the organization grow and evolve.

New Site Walkthrough

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