Engel Construction, inc.

ECI is a specialized healthcare contractor based in south florida.

Website Redesign and Build

The original site was a simple HTML site that was built almost a decade prior. There was no real design or logo included with the site. It lacked any sort of visual brand identity, basic on-page SEO, or photography from existing projects. It was virtually impossible for the client to update basic content on the website.

Our goal was to build feature-light website that was professional and easy for potential clients to navigate. It was top priority to build a simple logo and to have easily accessible contact information.

Most information was pulled from the old site, but the client also provided many images of new projects. The client also needed a new logo and wanted it to be as simple and basic as possible.

I was able to use Divi to add some style to the site without going overboard. The client was confident that the site should be as simple as possible with minimal bells and whistles. The site was more for information rather than making an impression, which was a challenge for me at first.

Orignal Website

New logo mockups

Brand Identity Document

Visual Elements

Homepage Mockup

Color, Shape, Font, Texture

New Site Walkthrough

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