exposed makeup artistry

karin price is a los angeles based hair and makeup artist working with models and brands in california. 

Website Design and Build

This is one of the first sites that I ever built when I started freelancing. Karin Price is a friend of mine who moved from South Florida to Los Angeles to do makeup and she needed a place to showcase her work.

We always knew the site needed to be sleek, streamlined, and focus almost 100% on the photos. She was specific about the categorization necessary for the photos and how she wanted them ordered. 

My challenge lay in creating site with a style and personality, without overshadowing the photos in any way. Karin wanted a smooth, magazine-like experience of flipping through images.

I used many, many different types of gallery plugins and functionalities to try to accomplish this. The site currently uses Envira Gallery which I am very happy with.

Site speed

One of my biggest concerns for this site was it’s load time. While I prioritize speed for every website build, this site was tricky since it’s basically entirely made up of galleries of high-res images.

To tackle this, I am using the Smush, WP Super Cache, and Enable Gzip Compression plugins on the site to optimize images and caching. I also have all galleries set to lazy load, so that the page doesn’t need to load every single photo all at once.

As a result, the inner page with the largest gallery loads in under 1 second.

New Site Walkthrough

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