Mary Purdy

Mary purdy is a integrative registered dietitian in Seattle who helps people find easy ways to make their mind, body and life just a little bit better.

Website Redesign and Build

The original site was built with Squarespace by the client. It lacked a strong visual brand identity that was true to teh personality of the client. We also wanted basic on-page SEO and specific pages for specific information.

The challenge in this site was to take all the information that needed to tbe on the site and display it in a way that was concise and not cluttered. We wanted to the marry fun and professionalism with the colors, fonts, and images. 

We relied on Divi for global modules on almost every page so that as the client updated her content, she wouldn’t have to spend a ton of time updating the site.

We wanted a multi-faceted site where the client could post about recipes, podcast episodes and everything in between. There had to be multiple points of contact for website users to get in touch, without making the site very sales-y. 

Homepage Wireframe

Content, Layout, Flow

Homepage Mockup

Color, Shape, Font, Texture

New Site Walkthrough

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