mental break mobile

Mental Break offers mobile escape room adventures for parties, team building, or special events in a 40 foot mobile trailer.

Website Design and Build

This was a brand new website. The logo had already been designed, so I used that as a jump-off point for the brand identity. 

We wanted to go with a design that was very atmospheric and stylized without being over the top. The metal background on all pages helped accomplish that without distracting from the content.  I wanted to make the site itself feel like a maze, so there are arrows that point the reader toward the next bit of information.

The booking tool was originally built with Acuity, but the client is currently using a third-party site for booking which has been linked to the site.


Brand Identity Document

Visual Elements

Homepage Wireframe

Content, Layout, Flow

Homepage Mockup

Color, Shape, Font, Texture

New Site Walkthrough

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