Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness

Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness offers evidence-based, comprehensive and holistic treatment to individuals struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem.

Website Design and Build

The original site had been put together by a previous designer, with changes made by the client over time. The original design had some strong organization and a hint of a brand identity, but overall it was a bit messy. There were blank spots and the layout of most pages was uneven. 

The client also felt that there was too much clutter and we wanted to trim the number of pages in order to condense the content. 

I originally built the site with Jupiter theme, but when that theme stopped being fully supported, I rebuilt it with Divi. The client wanted me to keep the overal organization, strucutre, and layout of the site, but make improvements where I felt necessary. Over the past few years, we have tweaked and adjusted the content here and there to meet our needs. 

One of the biggest challenges was keeping the bones of the site, but also redesigning it to have a fresh, professional look. I prefer to start from scratch in most instances, so it was difficult for me to not approach the project in that way.

original homepage

new Homepage

New Site Walkthrough

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