She thinks big coaching

She Thinks Big Coaching is for forward-thinking women business owners who serve clients and patients in their local communities.

Website Redesign and Build

This site is a redesign of a redesign. Originally the client’s business was Mindfulness Coaching Works. When we met, she was rebranding to Focused Business Coaching. We worked together on that redesign (which can be seen below.) 

I then designed and built her podcast website – She Thinks Big Podcast. But the client eventually realized that she wanted to merge her business and her podcast into one main brand:

So the existing site is a merger between FBC and the podcast website, both of which I designed. It contains elements of both. 

The main challenge lay in combining the visual identity and content in a way that made sense. We kept most of the layout from FBC, but colors from the podcast site. 

I was able to create a post template for her podcast episodes which include the embedded episode audio, description, and subscribe buttons.

New Site Walkthrough

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