the web design process

Need to get an idea of what a project with me would look like? The process is broken down into it’s phases below.

Building a site can be a lot of work

Designing and building a strong and functional website can be an extensive process. To make things easier and show you what you can expect, I’ve broken down the process for you below!

Every single project starts with a signed contract and a deposit of between 33-50% of the total project cost.

Your Input is Key!

Even though I’m the one doing the designing and building, you will have 2 opportunities per phase to provide revisions and feedback.

1. Kick-Off

During this phase of the project, we discuss what you’ve been struggling with, where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish. We chat about design, content, your product/service, and your clients/customers. I try to learn as much about you and your brand as I possibly can.

2. content collection

During this phase, you’ll send me all your necessary logins (social media, e-marketing, old website, etc.) You’ll also send me all your page content, images, videos, and anything else I would need to build the site. If you’ve hired me to write content, this is when we would do it.

3. brand identity

Unless you already have set colors and fonts that you would like to continue using, I use this phase to nail down the visual components that make up your brand and website.

4. wireframe

I will present you with a simple, black and white blueprint of your site. This phase is to make sure we’re including all the right pages, that they appear properly in our navigation, and that we aren’t forgetting important content blocks.

5. mockups

Once the wireframe is approved, I create flat 2D versions of your site pages using the layout we created with the wireframes and visual elements we decided on during Brand Identity.

6. Build

Once the look of all the pages has been approved, I build out all the pages of the site, install the necessary plugins, and make it all actually work on your computer! This is also where I pay special attention to make sure everything is mobile-friendly.


7. training and launch

Just before launch, we have a screen-sharing training session where I walk you (and anyone else on your team who wants to learn) through how to update and make changes to your site so that you can do so whenever you want! Divi is crazy-easy to update and you’ll be surprised at how much you can change all on your own. After that call, I launch the site on your domain and stick around for 14 days to make sure that if anything goes haywire, I can get you back on track.

services & Pricing

Use activity-based pricing. That means your quote is built depending on what you actually need and want. You’ll never be charged for services that you don’t want or need.

In order for me to build you a quote, I would need to know certain things like how many pages you’d need on the site, if you need to sell and ship items through the site, if you want Google Analytics or sign-up forms, and whether or not you want to write your own page copy.


I’d love to talk to you

Sign up for a free, no-strings consultation. You can ask me anything you want about your current website or the website that you’re currently building.

This is not a call for me to sell to you, but to suggest the best methods and resources I can to help you achieve your goal.

I get it – money is a huge deciding factor when it comes to these kinds of things. If the process above looks good but you need more information about pricing, I would be happy to send you a custom quote based on the details of your project.

I’ll email you with 48 hours with your options and next steps.


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