WordCamp Miami 2019

“How To Improve Your Client’s Experience”

The main takeaways are tips taken directly from Allie’s own process that have been used in order to make client workflows more fun and easy to understand. Designers and developers struggle sometimes with educating their clients and making the process overall seem less daunting. Allie will share a link to download a customizable Welcome Packet template that she has created.

50+ freelancer tips from WordCamp Miami 2019

5 reasons why WordCamp Miami was the best conference I’ve attended

WordCamp Miami 2017

“How to Train Clients to Use Their WordPress Site”

In this presentation specially designed for freelance web designers and developers, you’ll learn how and why to educate your clients on using and updating their WordPress site after launch. You’ll walk away knowing how a focus in education throughout the whole process can benefit both you and your client, as well as how to actually go about training the client on a one-on-one basis.